5 Reasons to Cycle up Mt Kilimanjaro

1. Riding down from the summit

There is no arguing on the top spot here. One moment you are navigating the icy summit and the next you are on the African plains. The thrill of sending it from the roof of Africa. Then for a reward on top you get to enjoy a Bike safari on your bike which perfectly completes a truly unforgettable adventure that will last forever.

2. Reaching the summit

There is not much more to say about this one. Those who have reached the summit of any high altitude mountain will understand the immense reward. Reaching it with your mountain bike is all the more rewarding. You’re guaranteed to be talking about this for a long time afterwards.

3. Experience the geological zones

Cycling through the geological zones while taking in the diversity of this mountain is a firm favourite. From the icy summit to the hot dry savanna areas, rain forest and onto the lowlands where people take advantage of the rich volcanic soil by planting home gardens, maize, beans and coffee plantations.

4. Taking it all in from your Mountain bike

Being on your mountain bike in this nature reserve allows you to cover a decent amount of distance while still going slow enough to take it all in.

5. You will meet the most amazing people who you will call friends

Cyclists and Climbers are an awesome breed of people. You will find these a few similarities between them: They are all positive, they are all strong and confident and they are all happy.

The great thing about cyclists and hiking people is that all have the similar goals, to get to the top of the mountain and to enjoy a day of exercise and nature’s beauty. Lifelong friends can be made this way because you generally spend a lot of time with each other. You also get to take in the most beautiful places with these people, which can bring people together in special ways.