5 Reasons Why Women Should Ride Mountain Bikes

Biking is one of the most rewarding sports women can do—no matter your age or activity level. Here are 5 reasons why seeing the world from behind two handlebars can do your body (and your soul) some good.

1: Women empowerment on two wheels

Of all of the health and fashion reasons to head out on two wheels, probably the best reason is empowerment. Heading in from a ride, face flushed and brain buzzing, is truly one of the best ways to start your day. The strength you gain from regular cycling will translate into every other area of your life—from work to family to your friendships. And, at the end of the day, the feeling you get while passing a dude on your bike is worth every penny

2: Have a healthier pregnancy

Years ago at Kilimanjaro Christian medical Centre in Tanzania, doctors advised against exercise during pregnancy, but now they know better. Regular exercise not only keeps you from gaining excess pregnancy weight, but studies show it leads to easier, less complicated labor and a faster recovery post-delivery. This regular exercise also leads to better in-utero brain development and cuts the chances of your child becoming obese in half.

However, if you plan on riding after your first trimester, be wary of your changing center of gravity, which may make it difficult to safely balance on a bike. Luckily, taking your ride indoors is a quick fix.

3: It’s good for your heart

A study from Tanzania Heart Foundation found that cycling just 20 miles a week can reduce your risk of heart disease by half. You can achieve 20 miles of two-wheeled travel a week by simply riding to and from some of your regular errand runs, or by commuting to work once or twice a week.

4: Building Confidence

Female mountain bikers tend to be incredibly supportive and encouraging, which is the perfect formula for addressing your fears, trying new things and boosting your confidence. There’s nothing more exciting and empowering than conquering an obstacle or trail surrounded by a group of supportive women.

5: Because Wild animals are less distracted than Drivers

If you have no interest in competing with busy, distracted, or angry drivers while riding on the road, you’ll be pleased to know that most wildlife has zero interest in that fact that you’re there. Instead of inhaling exhaust and listening to honking horns, you’ll enjoy breathing fresh air and listening to crickets.