How in Shape do I have to be?

You don’t need to be an athlete to enjoy our bike tours. Although you can ride as much or as little as you like, in order to ensure the enjoyment of your trip to its fullest, it is important to assess your personal level of fitness when deciding. Take some time to look over our Cycling levels to get an idea of what trips are a good fit for you

How many Miles will I bike per day?

Our biking options depend on the difficulty level of the tour

For Single day bike tours: For tours rated Leisurely, travelers can expect to bike between 15-25 km. For Moderate vacations, expect to bike 22-30 km per day.

For tours rated Challenging, travelers can expect to bike between 15-49 km per day

For Multi day bike tours: For tours rated moderate, travelers can expect to bike between 25-55 km per day.

For tours rated Challenging, travelers can expect to bike between 50-120 km per day

    Except Cycle up Kilimanjaro, travelers can expect to bike between 7-25 km per day

 In addition there’s a support vehicle that follows up and provides snacks, lunches, carries your luggage and is there if you fancy putting your feet up for a while.

Can I bring my own bike?

You are more than welcome to bring your own bike, however we’re more than happy to provide a  bike if you can’t travel with your own trusty two-wheeled stead. If you are bringing your own bike, most airlines have straightforward and affordable bike carriage policies and our staff can offer plenty of advice on the various methods of packing and travelling. We’ll even help you assemble it on arrival and pack it away safe and sound when you return!

I’m thinking about arriving early or departing late, is that okay?

Many of our customers decide to extend their holiday before or after our trip, either by a day or so to stretch the legs after a long flight, or to visit somewhere we don’t get to whilst cycling. We are local team, we can help book extra nights and arrange extensions to make things as straightforward as possible.

What if I get lost or left behind?

On Bike hire, comprehensive route notes with accompanying maps are provided as standard to guide you along the way and keep you on the right track. We are also just a phone call away should you need us.

On guided and supported holidays there will always be a spread of ability, however, our guides and support staff are an experienced bunch so no need to worry. Whatever your level, you’ll be well looked after

So, what happens if I do get a puncture?

Don’t be deflated if this happens to you along the way! We promise it’s not as tricky and technical as it may seem and we can give you a crash course, if you need it, before you set off. Anyone who hires a bike from us will be kitted out with the basics needed to keep you in good order (multi tool, spare tubes, puncture repair kits and tyre levers etc…). With a great team on hand should you get into any major bother and need a helping hand to get you on the move again.

What if I’m travelling solo?

Not to worry, our bike tours are solo friendly!

With two experienced guides to explore with you, along with friendly guests from all walks of life, you’ll have built-in friends to explore with every step of the way. Plus, 40% of our guests are solo travelers, so chances are, you won’t be the only one

Do I have to wear a helmet?

 Yes. They might not be required by law in all areas, but it’s a smart idea to protect your head in case of a fall or accident. We recommend that, for safety and hygiene purposes.

What happens if I need to cancel my holiday?

If you need to cancel or change your holiday, just email us to chat things through, for those who want to find out more beforehand, you can check out our terms and conditions by clicking here. We will always do our best to make sure no one loses out unnecessarily and always recommend travel insurance.

Can I shorten the trip?

We’re always happy to be flexible and shortening or extending the trip to suit your travel arrangements is something we’re very used to doing! This isn’t always practical on all of our trips but contact our team to find out how we can help.

Are my children eligible for discounts?

Yes! We’re passionate about inspiring a new generation of cyclists and want to give our little riders the best deals possible. Discounts for children vary from holiday to holiday and are based on the size and rooming arrangements of your holiday.

I’m thinking about a group trip but I’m worried it will be all pro riders?

Our tours are just that, tours, and so you’re always free to go at your own pace, as long as the group sticks close enough together from a safety perspective. Whilst all of our guests are a wide range of people with an equally diverse background, higher-grade trips do tend to attract more experienced riders and the pace is likely to be faster on these tours

What are the bikes like?

We are using Full suspension and Hard tails mountain bikes. They’re robust, fun-to-ride, ideal for our bike tours. These bikes are 26″ & 29 wheeled bikes, and we have sizes to suit all persons between 4ft and 6.4 + ft.

Can I bring my own pedals?

Not a problem at all.  If you are used to riding with clip in pedal systems (SPD / LOOK / TIME, ETC..) we recommend that you bring them and your shoes and we will put them on your bike at the beginning of the tour.  If not, all bikes will be fitted with a standard flat pedal with mini plastic toe clips being available as well. We very strongly recommend that riders who plan to bring in clip in pedals have prior experience riding this way before their tour.  It is a different riding experience and you should be very used to clipping in and out of your pedals with ease. 

What is included in the price of a tour?

We will give you the best experience and cycling we can and this means top notch accommodation, Camping gears, food, bikes, support van, guides and bike mechanic !  We spend a lot of time on preparing these tours to be as excellent as they can be. Check Trip Details for the trip you are interested in for exact full details or just ask us!

What kind of support do you offer while on a trip?

We completely support you both on and off the bike. We always have one guide in our support vehicle and another guide on the bike. They’ll fill up your water bottles, change your tire, call for a van or bring you up the hill, provide you with local insight and make sure everyone is enjoying their ride. Off the bike, your guides are at your service to help you with anything you need–massage appointments, wine suggestions, or to find that special local treat you’re craving.                    

 Cycle up Kilimanjaro

Can you cycle up Kilimanjaro?

Yes! Bike Kilimanjaro is one of our bike tours, Kilema route is the only route that you can to reach to the top of the Mount Kilimanjaro by mountain bike.

What is weather on Kilimanjaro?

The short answer is that the temperatures on Mount Kilimanjaro range from hot to bitter cold. The journey from the gate to the peak is like traveling from the equator to Antarctica in a matter of days. This is because the routes to the Uhuru peak cross different ecological zones. Mount Kilimanjaro has five major ecological zones, each approximately 3,280 feet (1,000 m) in altitude. Each zone is subject to a corresponding decrease in rainfall, temperature and life as the altitude increases.

Due to its proximity to the equator, Mount Kilimanjaro does not experience wide temperature changes from season to season. Instead, the temperatures on Mount Kilimanjaro are determined more so by the altitude and time of day. At the beginning of the climb, at the base of the mountain, the average temperature is around 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (21 to 27 degrees Celsius). From there, the temperatures will decrease as you move through Mount Kilimanjaro’s ecological zones.

At the summit, Uhuru Point, the night time temperatures can range between 20 and -20 degrees Fahrenheit (-7 to -29 degrees Celsius). Due to Mount Kilimanjaro’s great height, the mountain creates its own weather. It is extremely variable and impossible to predict. Therefore, regardless of when you climb, you should always be prepared for wet days and cold nights

 I have never been in that altitude. Is that a problem?

No. Most of our clients haven’t been in high altitude before. Our itinerary is designed for the regular traveler without previous experiences in high altitude. If you stick to our acclimatizing program, chances are really high that you make it to the top. Also we recommend taking regular breaks, the slower you ascend, the more time you give your body to acclimatize.

What if I suffer from high altitude sickness?

If you don’t feel comfortable, our guides got enough experience to tell you if it’s safe to continue the trip. We’ve got a couple of rest days planned as well as some acclimatizing days. This should allow you to get enough rest for the big day. There is always an option to leave the bike at the camp and just walk up if you don’t feel like biking. Also, our local crew will assist you with carrying your bike. But at the end, it’s safety first. We won’t risk anything and rather keep you safe at the camp than trying to bring you up to the peak                                     

Do I have to carry my luggage while biking?

No, we each carry only one daypack on our tours. Your large travel bag is transported for you onto the next night’s rest place.