Planning for Cycling In Tanzania


Most cycling holidays in Tanzania hug the Kenyan border, making the most of the cluster of highlights including Serengeti National Park, Lake Natron, the Ngorongoro Crater, the Rift Valley escarpment and traditional Maasai villages. If you are Mountain hike, Kilimanjaro Mountain biking tour can be your option; however, family cycling holidays in Tanzania is advisable to be 40km maximum.



“It’s unusual! There are very few places that you can cycle side by side with wild animals, past volcanoes, through traditional Maasai villages that have rarely seen a cyclist (especially one wearing any type of Lycra!) and then roast and grind your own coffee at the end of the day. Equally this trip is also about time off the bike visiting the magnificent Serengeti National Park and wildlife spotting in the Ngorongoro Crater – it’s a great blend of cycling and sights! Oh, and don’t worry about not feeling ‘fit enough’. Kili Bike Adventures will let you in on a secret when it comes to cycling holidays – before they arrive everyone thinks that they will be the slowest no matter how fit they really are – just relax and enjoy it.”


“A reasonable level of fitness is required so enjoy the trip but you don’t have to be really fit – the pace is usually fairly sedate, around 10-15km/h and we take regular rest stops to make sure everyone is okay to continue on. Tanzania is naturally hilly so there are a few uphill sections but as long as you stay within your limits then everything is achievable. Kili Bike Adventures advise trying to ride a few hills back home to get used to both the uphill and riding downhill (most especially if you will do Kilimanjaro by bike) and also to (slowly) ride a few times on a gravel track rather than just in smooth bitumen so when you get to Tanzania you’ll be well prepared for the African roads. The one thing about cycling in Tanzania to be mindful of is the elevation. Much of the route is 1,000m-1,500m above sea level so cycling can sometimes affect your breathing; taking it easy until you become acclimatized is the best way to go. And for Tanzania Safari with Bike we always have a support vehicle with us in case you need a quick (or long!) break. Mostly we advise just focusing on the amazing experience cycling in Tanzania will give you through Kili Bike Adventures. There will always be challenges but the amazing scenery, people and unique nature of the experience will outweigh any challenge you may face.”


“We attract the full range of people on this trip but almost all are recreational cyclists with a keen interest in seeing the destination by bike as opposed to setting speed or distance records each day. We have an even split of couples and solo travellers, and in terms of age it ranges from 15 up to 75, with a very even spreads across all age ranges.”

PACKING ADVICE “ If you cycle a lot at home then bring your own saddle and pedals as you’ll be more comfortable – conversely if you aren’t used to riding for a few hours at a time then consider bring a gel cover for your saddle for extra comfort. It’s often sunny and dusty in Tanzania so a good pair of sunglasses (that you can ride in, leave the good Ray Bans at home) are essential as it warm clothing – most people don’t realize it can get cold at night, especially at altitude. But most of all pack your determination, humor and sense of wonder to enjoy a truly unique experience.”