A Typical Day


Self-guided tours: A typical day

After sending you off on your way with detailed route notes, maps and directions, we’ll give you tips allowing you to go at your own pace and make as many photo stops as you like. Should you need any assistance then we are just a phone call away.


Ride! Hop on the bike and start exploring. Most leisure tours range from 14km to 35km per day. On self-guided tours, you won’t have a guide riding with you. Instead, you’ll follow maps and detailed route information provided by the operator and often a service hotline to call if you get lost or have any breakdowns (mechanical or human). Your tour materials include tips on places and sights to see and stop along the route. You can take pictures and see the sights at your own pace. Stop often or never. It’s your choice!

Stop for lunch. See a nice looking café or restaurant? Stop, take a break, and refuel. Many clients will pack a picnic lunch before setting out for the day, and some wait until they pass a farmer’s market along the way to pack the perfect combination of fresh cheese, bread, meat, veggies, fruit—and dessert, of course.


Guided tours: A typical day

A number of our cycling holidays are fully guided and, depending on group size, will have at least one riding guide accompanying each trip. In addition there’s a support vehicle that follows up and provides snacks, lunches, carries your luggage and is there if you fancy putting your feet up for a while.


On a Guided tours , on the other hand, your Tour guide and Bike mechanic will be on bikes accompanying you along the route. You will be given the material you need to make your own way if you want, but your Tour guide and Bike mechanic will be on the road to help in the case of any mechanical.


Wake up. Your guide will tell you when to meet to start riding, and you can plan your waking/packing/breakfast schedule accordingly. Breakfast is almost always included and enjoyed at your start hotel.


Bring your luggage down. Before you meet to ride (and usually after breakfast), bring your luggage to the hotel lobby for pick-up.


Ride! The guide will lead the way, and usually you’ll all ride together as a group. This means you usually go one pace. If it’s a big group, you might have more than one guide, one to ride fast with the more advanced riders and one to ride slow with the slower riders. The guide will show you sights along the way, help in case of any mechanical issues, and answer any questions you have.


You typically stay together as a group, although in some cases the guide may give you the “all clear” to go at your own pace to the next turn or landmark. Stops for sightseeing, tours and snacks tend to be done by the full group.

For many guided tours (but not all),you’ll have a support vehicle that is nearby along the day’s route. This is great if you think you might want a break from cycling during the day: just jump in the support vehicle. The vehicle also often has food and drinks to replenish your supply.


Have lunch. You’ll have lunch along the route, sometimes prepaid and part of the package .On some tours, the cook prepare packed lunches or Hot lunches. As you ride around a bend, you see the support van parked roadside with blankets laid out nearby. While you’ve been pedaling, the guide and cook have been shopping at local farmers markets and putting together a dream picnic!


Have dinner. Dinner will be with your group. This is a great way to meet and get to know your fellow cyclists. Arrive at the hotel/Campsite. You’ll usually arrive evening at the hotel or Campsite, where you can shower and rest and enjoy some free time.